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Ed Cope


541-888-5922, Extension 305

Ed is a restoration specialist, having spent ten years recreating highly imperiled habitat the Midwest. He obtained two bachelor’s degrees from Montana State University, one in Land Rehabilitation and one in Rangeland Ecology, and moved to Oregon in 2019 to pursue a master’s degree in Environmental Science. Before coming to the Coos Watershed Association, Ed worked for the Natural Land Institute, one of the nation’s oldest land trusts. Ed is also a passionate botanist and ecologist, and when he’s not working, you’ll find him out exploring Oregon’s remote landscapes while on the hunt for rare plants, especially species of paintbrush.

Role at CoosWA: Ed manages restoration projects as well as our Matson Creek Native Plant Nursery program. Reach out to Ed if you’re interested in purchasing native plants or volunteering at the nursery! Check out this video featuring Ed and the nursery.

Favorite book?

“My favorite things to read about are natural selection and evolution.  The best book on the subject is ‘The Selfish Gene’ by Richard Dawkins.”