Haley Lutz


541-888-5922, Extension 302

Haley is an Oregon coast native and was born right here in North Bend. She holds a Masters of Studies in Environmental and Natural Resource Law from Lewis and Clark Law School. Before coming to CoosWA, she was the Coordinator for the Nestucca, Neskowin and Sand Lake Watersheds Council in Pacific City. One of her career highlights was working as a deckhand on her now-husband’s commercial salmon troller. In her spare time, Haley enjoys fishing, bow hunting, swimming, exploring the outdoors, and trying to keep up with her toddler.

Role at CoosWA: Haley supervises all the long-term staff at CoosWA, works with the Board of Directors to set policy and procedures, represents CoosWA in state and regional partnerships, and keeps the CoosWA ship afloat and moving forward. She is also known as “Barnacle’s human,” for those who know and love the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon seen frequently on the 100-300 blocks of downtown Coos Bay.

Memorable experience outdoors in Coos County?

“Some of my fondest childhood memories are swimming in the Dellwood area and skeet shooting in the dunes as a kid.”