Chris Bauman

Chris Bauman

541-888-5922, Extension 301

Chris joined CoosWA in early 2017 after spending 20 years living in Southeast Alaska where she worked in shelters for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in a variety of positions, primarily as the bookkeeper and grant manager. Chris brings years of financial record keeping and grant management experience to CoosWA in addition to general administrative office support. She is also an avid gardener, birder, and loves to hike and walk on the beach.

Role at CoosWA: Chris handles all our accounting and payroll, as well as general administration and support for both the CoosWA staff and board of directors. For questions about anything-CoosWA, give Chris a call and she will connect you to the right person!

Most recent book?

“I’m currently reading the Outlander series and am very engrossed in imagining living in the U.S. 240 years ago. It was a very different life then and much harder in many ways.”