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Availability and Ordering

Native plants are not currently available for sale to private land owners. The Matson Creek Native Plant Nursery provides plants for many of our local restoration projects, and we are working to make native plants available for public sale in the future through improvements to the nursery site.

As part of these improvements, we are happy to announce the completion of the greenhouse!

Thanks to this greenhouse, we will now be able to gather and seed many of our own native plants.

                                         Greenhouse completed Fall 2016

Nursery Information

The Matson Creek Native Plant Nursery is run by the Coos Watershed Association in cooperation with its owner, The Wetlands Conservancy.  Our nursery obtains quality native plant stock from growers in the Southern Oregon Coast and Willamette Valley and uses them primarily on riparian restoration projects in the Coos Watershed.

The Matson Creek Native Plant Nursery is located at an old abandoned dairy farm in the upper Catching Slough sub-basin with a recently reconnected wetland that provides habitat for a plethora of wildlife.  In addition to growing native plants, the nursery is used for educational purposes to teach community members about native plant identification and propagation.  Public events at Matson Creek afford volunteers hands-on activities like planting trees and pulling weeds that heighten community awareness about watershed health. 



Our nursery has three purposes that benefit the watershed and its denizens:       
  1. To provide a place for local groups to explore the natural world around them and lend a hand in restoring its aesthetic and functional qualities.
  2. To provide the public with the tools (and vision) to appreciate and restore the watershed.
  3. To provide the community with a nearby source of diverse native plant material and assist in the propagation and promotion of native plant stock (and the removal of unwanted exotics).


Tree Planting How-to Guide (PDF)

Top 10 Native Plants in the Coos Watershed (PDF)

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